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Kendall Parr Pearson Collection -- Sechelt, Logging, 1950s, Page 1

Mr. Parr Pearson is the son of Mr. Ernie W. Parr Pearson who was secretary-treasurer of the Coast News newspaper for several years from 1946. The Coast News was the longest running newspaper on the Sunshine Coast, published from 1945 to 1995. The Coast News was first published in Halfmoon Bay where Ernie and his family moved to. The newspaper office was moved to Wharf Road in Sechelt opposite the cenotaph. Later the building housed the Sechelt Taxi office and the Sunshine Coast Credit Union. Mr. Parr Pearson also moved his Halfmoon Bay home to Wharf Road to be closer to the newspaper Office. Ernie was manager for the Union Steamship Estates Company and oversaw the selling of the properties when the USS stopped servicing the Sunshine Coast. He also ran a logging company with his brother and later worked for Osborne Logging. He died in 1957 at the young age of 48, two months after his wife, leaving two teenagers, Kendall, age fifteen, and his seventeen-year-old sister. Sechelt First Nations Chief at the time, Clarence Joe, and Ernie organized the transfer by Osborne Logging Company of a huge log to Hackett Park from Narrows Inlet. It was planned to have it carved in the 'largest totem pole in the world.' However it lay uncarved and was eventually cut up into rounds for shingles.

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1951 -- Gulf Wing ferry off the Sechelt Inn. Group came up on day trip, possibly political gathering.

Photographer Ballentine, Gibsons, B.C. Photo courtesy Kendall Parr Pearson


1953 -- Log donated by Osborne Logging. Hand picked at Narrow's Inlet. Osborne Logging Company moving log for a First Nations carver.

Photo courtesy of Kendall Parr Pearson. Photographer unknown.


1953 -- Loading log onto truck. Osborne Logging Company moving log for a First Nations carver.

Photo courtesy of Kendall Parr Pearson. Photographer unknown.


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