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Mr. Nicholas Gilbert is the son of Isobel Gilbert nee Whitaker. Her father was Herbert Whitaker, one of the earliest settlers in Sechelt, who had come with his parents and siblings to Vancouver. Herbert and his father pre-empted land in Sechelt in 1892 and in 1894 the family settled there. The Whitakers held title to the town site lots on which Sechelt now stands and owned stores, hotels, the first Post Office, logging camps, two wharves and the Sechelt Steamship Company. Herbert and Mae Whitaker had two children, Kenneth and Isobel who married Delmar Gilbert. Delmar Gilbert was the headmaster at Wilson Creek School during the 1930s and the first Principal of the Sechelt United School. He was killed in WW2 and Nicholas never knew his father. In the early 1940s his mother bought the Selma Park home of Mr. George Aman which he had built in 1928. Mr. Aman was Mr. Whitaker's first General Store manager and later Manager of the Union Steamship Estates Company. Nicholas and his mother lived in the house until 1964 when it was sold to its present owners. Isobel died in 1976 and Nicholas lives on Saltspring Island.

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1927 -- George Aman.

Photographer unknown. Photograph courtesy Nick Gilbert.


date unknown -- George Aman, 'first Union Manager.'

Photographer unknown. Photograph courtesy Nick Gilbert.


date unknown -- George H.R. Aman and 'Kim'.

Photographer unknown. Photograph courtesy Nick Gilbert.


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