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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1980, Page 4

The deterioration of the ferry service is noted. A plan to save Rockwood Lodge is underway. Betty's detailed recollection of Rockwood's roof, floor plan, and guests is mined.

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Aug. 26, 1980

Dear Helen and Bill,

Don't consider this an answer to your really wonderful letter and clippings and news received in yesterday's mail.

Sept. 28, 1980

Dear Helen and Bill,

Excuse rather 'ratty' looking paper but it was all I had on hand this Sunday night when I thought I'd start a letter to you.

Nov. 1, 1980

Dear Betty,

Happy birthday and many joyous returns in good health and spirits. You should shortly receive OAP, Pharmacare, increase in Homeowner's Grant, together with all the other delightful freebies we exchange for youth and energy.

Nov. 4, 1980

Dear Helen,

Thanks for your most thoughtful and beautiful card and wonderful letter which will be answered at a later date and also the 'clippings' which you said you were sending. Very, very nice of you.

Nov. 9, 1980

Dear Helen,

This is by no means meant as an answer to your last most wonderful letter.



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