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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1981, Page 1

A postal strike slows Helen and Betty's correspondence. Funds are raised for Rockwood Lodge. Real estate prices are 'insane.' Developers' make ongoing efforts to build up Sechelt. Betty provides Helen with a detailed floor plan of the Relief Office where she worked (including the space occupied by her employer's dogs), but is puzzled that she is unable to remember the location of any bathroom facilities.

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March 24, 1981

Dear Betty,

How can I apologize adequately? The answer is that I can't because my behavior in not writing to thank you and Edna Martin Chaleil for the generous loan of two school snapshots is unforgivable.

May 13, 1981

Dear Helen and Bill,

It sure did my heart good to have a little chat with both of you the other night, also your good Mother.

Aug. 11, 1981

Dear Betty,

The postal strike being today a thing of the past, I hasten to enclose the latest material regarding Rockwood.



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