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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1976, Page1

A controversy over sewers comes to the fore. Changes to Sechelt's waterfront dismay Helen and Betty alike. Helen salvages a wood splinter from a decaying Sechelt landmark and mails it to Betty. Helen's devoted search for photos and information on Sechelt's people and places continues apace.

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Jan. 17, 1976

Dear Betty,

Billie brought your letter in yesterday and read it aloud to me, so we both received pleasure. We also got a chuckle when we together opened your "Gifts you can make for under 5 cents."

Jan. 25, 1976

Dear Betty,

Only 11 more months to Xmas. But I got an extra gift season with the arrival of your parcel.

Feb. 11, 1976

Dear Helen,

My, but it was good to have your letters, along with the priceless "splinter" and various clippings, all of which were most interesting to me. When the postman brings your familiar and much looked forward-to envelopes, I always know that if nothing else nice happens on that particular day -- with your letter at hand, I don't ask for anything more!



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