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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1982, Page 3

Betty packages up Rockwood items to donate to the new Rockwood Lodge tea-room. Betty finally makes a long-anticipated return to Sechelt. Helen keeps Betty current on Sechelt events and peppers her with more questions about the Coast of her youth.

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Aug. 18, 1982

Dear Helen,

Thanks for your letter, and enclosures and helpful things like schedules etc. received in yesterday's mail.

Sept. 1, 1982

Dear Sirs,

Through the faithful letters of my good friend, Helen Dawe, and the clippings she has sent me over the years, I have been able to follow the story of how Rockwood Lodge has come to live again.

Sept. 14, 1982

Dear Helen and Bill,

I have talked to Bill on the phone since we left, but just had to jot you a note to thank you both again for the many little (and Big) you both did to make my trip so thoroughly enjoyable.

Sept.18, 1982

Dear Helen,

Here is the scrap of linoleum from the Wakefield (police and relief) office as promised (more junk for you to put in your goodie box).

Sept. 22, 1982

Dear Betty,

It was magnificent to have you back in Sechelt and to visit with Gordy.



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