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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1982, Page 2

Betty packages up Rockwood items to donate to the new Rockwood Lodge tea-room. Betty finally makes a long-anticipated return to Sechelt. Helen keeps Betty current on Sechelt events and peppers her with more questions about the Coast of her youth.

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July 7, 1982

Dear Helen and Billie,

Very many thanks for both your Registered letter and the one received yesterday full of news and such great clippings.

July 15, 1982

Dear Betty,

It is good to know that you plan to make reservations in Sechelt when the Labour Day rush is over.

Aug. 2, 1982

Dear Helen,

In a sense this isn't an answer to your welcome and long-looked-forward-to letter, the one which I thought I was never going to receive -- but yet in another way it is.

Aug. 1982

Dear Helen,

The Orchard BC Police Office was (I think) the 3rd cottage in from the road.

Aug. 11, 1982

Dear Betty,

Your letter mailed Thurs., Aug. 5, arrived in Sechelt on Tuesday, Aug. 10. Inasmuch as the mails come through in spite of the ferry strike on Thurday, the elapsed time seems overly long.



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