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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1979, Page 3

The fate of Rockwood Lodge hangs in the balance. At Helen's urging, Betty recalls details of a murder near Egmont in the 1930s. Helen sends Betty sea urchins and makes a successful pilgrimage to Snake Bay, where she and Betty picked apples in their youth. Clayton's expanded store is reported to be 'enormous, vast, huge.'

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Oct. 29, 1979

Dear Betty,

Best wishes for a very happy birthday. How horrifying to find that I have not written to you since before your vacation in southern climes.

Nov. 24, 1979

Dear Betty,

The glorious advertisement you forwarded was inserted by Rosamund Simpkins, widow of Alex and sister-in-law of the car dealer, Clark Simpkins.

Dec. 6, 1979

Dear Helen & Billie,

I thought I'd put pen to paper today and at least start a letter to you in answer to your most recent welcome letter along with the box of interesting clippings.



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