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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1974, Page 3

Helen and Betty mail one another clippings, old photos, artwork, seaweed and snakeskins. Real estate prices continue to shock. CBC's show "The Beachcombers"is watched to see who's an extra. Bergie Solberg's move from Porpoise Bay to Snake Bay -- lock, stock, and TV -- is recounted.

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Oct. 13, 1974

Dear Betty,

We were sorry to hear Gordy must enter hospital and hope that after he has had a thorough investigation the MD's will be able to devise and effective treatment.

Oct. 29, 1974

Dear Helen,

This is the followup letter to my last week's hurried note which you'll no doubt have received. There were a couple of points in your letters I hadn't answered properly and will do so now, to the best of my knowledge. Please bear with me and I'll try not to be too longwinded.

Nov. 7, 1974

Dear Betty,

What can I say? I am overwhelmed by your generosity in making up the snappy garters, your kindness in forwarding the fine old pictures, and your willingness to answer my many questions.

Dec. 7, 1974

Dear Helen,

I know you don't like to be thanked for things, but dammit I'm going to thank you anyway for that magnificent specimen of a snakeskin you so kindly sent, your always welcome letter, and then last week the copy of the Sunshine Shopper -- all so very interesting and so much appreciated.



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