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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1974, Page 2

Helen and Betty mail one another clippings, old photos, artwork, seaweed and snakeskins. Real estate prices continue to shock. CBC's show "The Beachcombers"is watched to see who's an extra. Bergie Solberg's move from Porpoise Bay to Snake Bay -- lock, stock, and TV -- is recounted.

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April 15, 1974

Dear Helen,

Mother was delighted with your lovely card and note and has asked me to write and tell you so. She well remembers the Bulb planting session you mentioned and when you referred to it on the card, she said that those Sechelt days were the happiest times of her life, as I know, they also were mine!

July 1, 1974

Dear Mrs. Youngson,

Happy 87th some day this month. Whenever it falls, I hope your birthday is sunny and your arthritis off on vacation, all by its nasty self.

July 13, 1974

Dear Helen,

It was so nice of you to write to Mother and I shared in her pleasure in hearing from you. Thanks also for the 'little bit of Rockwood' you so thoughtfully enclosed, i.e. the pressed flowers.

Sept. 17, 1984

Dear Betty,

You cannot know how much I enjoyed your last two letters. Your gift of description is marvelous and I wish you would exercise it for posterity.

Oct 4, 1974

Dear Helen,

This isn't meant to be an answer to your lovely long and interesting letter for which I thank you very much. But an old friend Dolly Jonas (used to be Dolly Cannon of Selma Park many years ago and her father Tommy Cannon was the local shoemaker in the district) -- had promised me ages ago that when she dunged out her old pictures she'd send me some of the ones of the Indians in their younger days.



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