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Early Sechelt

   Billingsley, Gary
    Brackett, Sophie
    Connor, Peggy
    Crowston, Doris

    Hammond, Dick
    Hemstreet, Margaret
    Lemieux, Robert
    MacLarty, Nancy
    McCrimmon, Phyllis
    Nelson, Cay
    Ono, Tommy and Ruby
    Parish, Tom
    Redman, Lee
    Robilliard, Dean
    Robilliard, Dorothy
    Sim, Bert
    Swan, Dr. Alan
    Swanson, Bea
    Sweeny, Isabel
    Thompson, Morgan
    Wigard, Roy

    Wood, Alan

Voices of Early Sechelt -- Interviews

Interview by Rosella Leslie.

Morgan Thompson

Feb. 28, 2002

Morgan Thompson, born in Kitchener, Ontario in 1930, came to Sechelt in 1954. He ran Sechelt's movie theatre in the old dance pavilion with partner Bill Parsons. They were also partners in "Nose to Tail" Sechelt's Men's Wear store located in the same building until 1957 when they moved the store to Cowrie Street. Mr. Thompson became sole owner and changed the name to Morgan's Men's Wear. He served as an alderman for Sechelt from 1965 to 1967, again from 1976-1979 and as president of the Chamber of Commerce, and chair of the Timber Days Committee.

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