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Early Sechelt

   Billingsley, Gary
    Brackett, Sophie
    Connor, Peggy
    Crowston, Doris

    Hammond, Dick
    Hemstreet, Margaret
    Lemieux, Robert
    MacLarty, Nancy
    McCrimmon, Phyllis
    Nelson, Cay
    Ono, Tommy and Ruby
    Parish, Tom
    Redman, Lee
    Robilliard, Dean
    Robilliard, Dorothy
    Sim, Bert
    Swan, Dr. Alan
    Swanson, Bea
    Sweeny, Isabel
    Thompson, Morgan
    Wigard, Roy

    Wood, Alan

Voices of Early Sechelt -- Interviews

Interview by Rosella Leslie.

Phyllis McCrimmon

Sept. 18, 2006

Phyllis McCrimmon, nee White, was born in 1912, went to school in Vancouver and the University of British Columbia where she met her husband Douglas McCrimmon. Her father was a commercial artist and Phyllis followed in his footsteps starting to paint when she was seven years old. Her husband worked for several logging companies, the last being MacMillan Bloedel. The company sent him to Vancouver Island, to Wilson Creek and other logging areas until he finally became manager of lands and forests in Vancouver. They lived there and in North Vancouver before retiring to Halfmoon Bay in 1978. Phyllis brought up four children and continued to paint as much as possible. She has vivid memories of life during WW11 and of her childhood holidays in central B.C. She won many tennis trophies having learned to play at the age of seven. Both in Vancouver and on the coast she was a member of the University Women's Clubs.

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