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Early Sechelt

   Billingsley, Gary
    Brackett, Sophie
    Connor, Peggy
    Crowston, Doris

    Hammond, Dick
    Hemstreet, Margaret
    Lemieux, Robert
    MacLarty, Nancy
    McCrimmon, Phyllis
    Nelson, Cay
    Ono, Tommy and Ruby
    Parish, Tom
    Redman, Lee
    Robilliard, Dean
    Robilliard, Dorothy
    Sim, Bert
    Swan, Dr. Alan
    Swanson, Bea
    Sweeny, Isabel
    Thompson, Morgan
    Wigard, Roy

    Wood, Alan

Voices of Early Sechelt -- Interviews

Interview by Rosella Leslie.

Dorothy Robilliard

June 1, 2002

Dorothy Robilliard, nee Brooker, was born in Vancouver in 1925 and is the mother of Dean Robilliard. She came to Sechelt with her parents in 1942 and got a job in the telephone office. She lived in Halfmoon Bay and in Porpoise Bay, prior to her marriage (1944) and after. Her husband was a logger, shop assistant, carpenter and finally an electrian with his own business in Sechelt.

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