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Helen Dawe Collection -- Index

Series 6
   Aerial Photographs (6.1)
    Bog, Marsh Sechelt (6.2)
    General, Panoramic views (6.3)
    General, Panoramic views (6.4)
    Identified buildings (6.5)
    First Nations of Sechelt (6.6)
    Individual people/groups (6.7)
    May Days, picnics, etc. (6.8)
    Resource Industries (6.9)
    Schools (6.10)
    Ships (6.11)
    Transportation (6.12)
    Whitaker family (6.13)
    Cook, Dawe, Steele, Whittaker familes (6.14)

Series 2
General A-Z -- The Crucils

Series 10
Union Steamship and All Red Line Companies

Series 11
Captain Sam and Ada Dawe

Series 13
The Sechelt Inn

Series 20
Souvenir brochures, postcards

Series 24
   Merry Island lighthouse

Series 6.2 -- Bog, Marsh Sechelt

The early photographs depict the Sechelt bog area where present-day Sechelt is located; the later show the present day marsh wildfowl nature reserve area to the north-west of the village close to the south-west side of Porpoise Bay.

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1904 -- Sechelt's waterfront and cranberry bog behind Herbert Whitaker's hotel (center right in photo). Note ginger bread trim on verandah of Indian's home bottom left. Photograph/negative by Philip T. Timms. Donor L.S. Jackson


circa 1929 -- Sechelt Bog behind Union Store and west of Wharf Road. Union Estates cottages in background. Bert Hackett (right) superintendent of USS Ltd. and postmaster, Harry Billingsley (left) clerk in Union store. Bog filled up each winter. Photograph courtesy The Peninsula Times newspaper and the Alsgard family


1978 --Last remaining portion of Sechelt Bog, south of Cowrie Street and west of Trail Avenue. Peat is stacked west of Dick Clayton's Shop-Easy store. Peat was dug to a depth of 14 ft. to allow gravel to be spread for the construction of Teredo Street. Photograph courtesy The Peninsula Times newspaper and the Alsgard family


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