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Helen Dawe Collection -- Index

Series 6
   Aerial Photographs (6.1)
    Bog, Marsh Sechelt (6.2)
    General, Panoramic views (6.3)
    General, Panoramic views (6.4)
    Identified buildings (6.5)
    First Nations of Sechelt (6.6)
    Individual people/groups (6.7)
    May Days, picnics, etc. (6.8)
    Resource Industries (6.9)
    Schools (6.10)
    Ships (6.11)
    Transportation (6.12)
    Whitaker family (6.13)
    Cook, Dawe, Steele, Whittaker familes (6.14)

Series 2
General A-Z -- The Crucils

Series 10
Union Steamship and All Red Line Companies

Series 11
Captain Sam and Ada Dawe

Series 13
The Sechelt Inn

Series 20
Souvenir brochures, postcards

Series 24
   Merry Island lighthouse

Series 24 -- Merry Island lighthouse keeper, William Franklin, 1904-1956, Page 1

Since 1903 the Merry Island lighthouse beacon has alerted ships on their way north or south through Welcome Pass. The first keeper was William Franklin from Victoria who tended the light until 1933. He and his wife welcomed many visitors to the island and recorded their names and comments in a guest book, one being the Rev. John Antle, founder of the Columbia Coast Mission. During his time on the island Mr. Franklin rescued many sailors and fishermen from the rough seas. The island was named after an Englishman whose horse Thormanby won the 1865 Derby.

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date unknown -- Merry Island lighthouse keeper, William Franklin.

Photographer unknown


circa 1940s -- Merry Island lighthouse keeper, William Franklin (standing, second from left), Copeland family and friends on Merry Island.

Photographer unknown


1947 -- Merry Island lighthouse keeper William Franklin and Copeland children. The Copeland family took over the lighthouse duties after Mr. Franklin retired.

Photographer unknown


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