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Helen Dawe Collection -- Index

Series 6
   Aerial Photographs (6.1)
    Bog, Marsh Sechelt (6.2)
    General, Panoramic views (6.3)
    General, Panoramic views (6.4)
    Identified buildings (6.5)
    First Nations of Sechelt (6.6)
    Individual people/groups (6.7)
    May Days, picnics, etc. (6.8)
    Resource Industries (6.9)
    Schools (6.10)
    Ships (6.11)
    Transportation (6.12)
    Whitaker family (6.13)
    Cook, Dawe, Steele, Whittaker familes (6.14)

Series 2
General A-Z -- The Crucils

Series 10
Union Steamship and All Red Line Companies

Series 11
Captain Sam and Ada Dawe

Series 13
The Sechelt Inn

Series 20
Souvenir brochures, postcards

Series 24
   Merry Island lighthouse

Series 6.12 -- Transportation (1954, 1966), Page 1

Bus transportation in the 1950s on the Sunshine Coast and a 1966 photograph of Tyee Company float plane.


1954 -- Cecil Lawrence's Sechelt Motor Transport Ltd. bus waits on Gibson's wharf with 1954 licence plate.

Photographer unknown


1960s -- Sechelt Motor Transport Ltd. bus waits at the Sechelt Bus Depot, built in 1957. Owner Cecil Lawrence is said to have started in the local bus business in 1944.

Photograph by Denis Gray, courtesy Cecil Lawrence


1966 -- Tyee Airways Ltd float plane sits at the wharf in Porpoise Bay.

Photograph courtesy the Peninsula Times newspaper and the Alsgard family


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