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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.10
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Series 6.10 -- Schools, Students and Teachers, (1913-1981) -- Schools 1, Page 1

Photographs include early pictures of Sechelt's second school on Porpoise Bay waterfront (the first school had been on Trail Bay until converted to the Telegraph Office). Various other schools in Sechelt and District, pupils and teachers are represented. Many of the photographs were donated by early Sechelt school teachers.

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1913 -- Students in front of Sechelt's temporary second school building, the former Yamamoto boat works at the head of Sechelt Inlet in Porpoise Bay. A new school was erected to the east of this shed on Wharf Road in 1914. Some students are identified.

Photographer unknown


1917-- Miss Gladys Tidy's class at the Sechelt school located at the head of Sechelt Inlet in Porpoise Bay on Wharf Road. Some students are identified. Miss Tidy taught at the school from 1917 to 1918.

Photograph by Miss Gladys Tidy


1917 -- Students gather at the head of Sechelt Inlet on the Porpoise Bay waterfront, in front of their school building located on Wharf Road.

Photographer unknown


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