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Helen Dawe Collection

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Series 6.10 -- Schools, Students and Teachers, (1913-1981) -- Schools 5, Page 1

Photographs include early pictures of Sechelt's second school on Porpoise Bay waterfront (the first school had been on Trail Bay until converted to the Telegraph Office). Various other schools in Sechelt and District, pupils and teachers are represented. Many of the photographs were donated by early Sechelt school teachers.

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1939 -- Sechelt, Selma Park and Wilson Creek united to build the Sechelt United School -- an elementary and high school combined. Halfmoon Bay declined. Identified in the photo are:

On porch between two left pillars (l-r): Georgie (Mrs. W.B.) Billingsley, mother of Harry and "Bill"; William B. Billingsley (behind his wife); ?; Alice Nelson (Mrs. Bill Billingsley); ?; May Gowland; Mrs. Gowland (wife of George Gowland, labourer in 1939 directory);?

On porch between two centre pillars (l-r):?; ?; ?; Woods?; Mrs. Nels Nelson (mother of Harold and Alice. Mrs. Nelson, with very round face, is in back and left of centre); Mrs. Alex Kean; Alex Kean, holding his child; ?

On porch between two pillars on right (l-r): ?; ?; Irene Hearnes; ?; Mable Cateral (Nelson); Mrs. Carrie Mayne

General grouping of those standing on ground includes: Edric Clayton; Rev. J.H.H. Watts; Nora Crawley; Tom Reynolds (front row); William Delmar "Del" Gilbert ) almost in front of 3rd post from left); Irene Dunn (at back); ? Nickerson; Jenny Gowland (left of Pat Green); Betty Cooper

Right hand grouping of those standing on ground includes: Pat Green (wearing school uniform and standing immediately to right of 4th post from left); Phyllis Clayton (front row, wearing school uniform); George Drew; Gwen Berry (front row); Joe Green (far right, rear, wearing school uniform)

Left hand grouping of those standing on ground (l-r): Alex Gray; Harry Billinglsley; Lawrence Crucil (on right of small boy and lady holding small boy by the hand); ?; Earle Gray; Ron Edwards; ? Nickerson; Stan Tyson; Dick Clayton (cap in hand, long trousers).

Others present but not identified: Miss E.E. "Edie" Driver; V.Z. Manning; H.H. McKenzie; Nickerson children; Walker children; Mrs. Florrie Clayton holding her son John; Peggy Clayton; Two Japanese girl students (not Konishi).

Photograph by Helen McCall


1915-1920 -- The row boat the four Morgan children rowed to school from West Porpoise Bay.

Photographer unknown. See also oversize photograph 6.15.157


1915-1920 -- A number of photographs of Sechelt's second and third schools at the head of Sechelt Inlet on Porpoise Bay

Photographs by Charles Bradbury


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