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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1977, Page 2

Helen shares tips for overcoming insomnia. Betty sends Helen an ashtray with historic Sechelt connections. Helen hears from two former Sechelt one-room school teachers. Former neighbours visit Sechelt after a long absence and remember trails where now there are roads.

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June 8, 1977

Dear Mrs. Youngson,

How kind it is for you to remember me in such a special way.

July 3, 1977

Dear Betty,

This is not a letter so you need not answer it. During the week I received such a splendid epistle from one of your former teachers, Miss Cairns, that I cannot resist asking you to enjoy it with me.

July 9, 1977

Dear Helen,

This is a beautiful letter Florence Cairns wrote and she has such complete recall (after all these years it is absolutely amazing.)

Oct. 31, 1977

Dear Betty,

Happy Birthday. I hope you celebrate the occasion in sunshine with joy.

Nov. 10, 1977

Dear Helen,

I have so many things to thank you for I don't know where to begin.



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