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"Dear Betty"





"Dear Betty" -- Letters from Helen Dawe and Betty Youngson, 1973, Page 3

The first year of correspondence in the collection sets the tone for the decade that followed. Helen updates Betty on the who, what and where of Sechelt. Betty supplies Helen with amusing and interesting details of days past on topics that include the school privy and the cows she avoided on the way to and from school. With encouragement from Helen, Betty's memories of the Sechelt 'jail' are published in the local paper.

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May 23, 1973

Peninsula Times article, "Old log Sechelt jail never did fill destiny," by Betty Ingram

May 24, 1973

Dear Helen,

Just a note of thanks for sending the straight-off-the-press clipping and also your kind comments. This being a first time letter-to-the-editor for me, it is really nice to have this copy for my scrapbook.

May 28, 1973

Dear Helen,

"It's only me from over the sea, etc." with another one of my silly little notes. You must be bored to tears with them.

May 28, 1973

Dear Betty,

Billie and Julie brought your parcel from the mail box. We were surprised and thoroughly delighted by the souvenirs of your trip. The spoons were thoroughly lovely and I especially like to see a souvenir of BC made from some substance other than plastic or Japan's poorest quality clay.

July 28, 1973

Dear Helen,

We've just read your Sechelt article on the long-ago days and it is truly magnificent.



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