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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.5
   Bridges, surveyor's posts (1875-?)

    Cottages (1900-1970s)
    Sechelt waterfront, first hotel (1900-1914)
    Sechelt first hotel fire (1900-1914)
    Sechelt second hotel (1910-1930s)
    Sechelt Inn (1906-1973)
    Stores, Post Offices, barn etc. (1896-1973)
    Modern buildings (1973-1982)
    Sechelt Library, Municipal halls (1960s-1970s)

   St. Hilda's Anglican Church (1930s-1970s)
    St. Mary's Hospital (various)
    Sechelt streets (1900s-1980s)
    Shorncliffe Ave, Teredo Street (1935-1983)
    Wakefield Inn, West Sechelt (1981-1982)

    Wharf Road (1906-1979)


Series 6.5-- Identified buildings, streets, structures, Sechelt and District -- Sechelt Library, Municipal Halls, Page 1

Photographs are of bridges, cottages, hotels, stores and private houses in Sechelt and District, many being identified buildings on Sechelt's waterfront. Excellent photos of Sechelt's first hotel, and the 1914 fire which destroyed it, Sechelt's second hotel and general store and wharf. Photographs also of Sechelt Inn, originally Whitaker's house (Vue de L'Eau or the Beach House), which burned in 1964, St. Hilda's Anglican Church, and St. Mary's Hospital (in Garden Bay); views of Sechelt's streets: the Boulevard, Cowrie Street, Inlet Avenue, Shorncliffe Avenue, and Rockwood Lodge and cottage, Wharf Street and Wakefield Inn in West Sechelt. Also in this Sub-Series are photographs of Whitaker's house at Selma Park, the Bank of Montreal at Madeira Park, Deadman's Island and the CPR station in Vancouver. Photographers include Charles Bradbury, Edric S. Clayton. Some photographs are copies from Vancouver City Archives, Provincial Archives and Vancouver Public Library Collection.

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1967 -- Site of the Sechelt Centennial Library which opened on Trail Avenue in December 1967. A project of Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay and Redrooffs Road to celebrate two Centennials, 1866 the Union of the two B. C. colonies and 1867 the Confederation of Canada. Mr. Norman Franklin, builder and Ada Dawe, daughter of first white settler T.J. Cook, examine the plans.

Photograph courtesy The Peninsula Times newspaper and the Alsgard family



1967 -- Sechelt Centennial Library interior, Ada Dawe in the background.

Photograph courtesy The Peninsula Times newspaper and the Alsgard family



1972 -- Sechelt Centennial Library improvements dedicated by Premier W.A.C. Bennett who is presenting Ada Dawe with a plaque. Left to right: Norman Burley, Maria Montgomery, librarian, Dot Spencer, Ada Dawe, Laurie Wallace, head of Centennial Celebrations, Premier W.A.C. Bennett, Mayor Ben and Mrs Louise Lang.

Photograph courtesy The Peninsula Times newspaper and the Alsgard family



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