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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.3
    1920s, 1930s
    Wharf 1904-1982

Series 6.3-- General, Panoramic Views of Sechelt's Waterfront and Wharf (Wharf 1904-1982)

The photographs in the series show Sechelt's beach, waterfront area, wharf and buldings from 1900 to 1983 both from land and water. The area covered stretches from the rocky area to the west of the gravel beach to the Selma Park waterfront. The photographers include Charles Bradbury, Edric S. Clayton, Alan Gibbons, Helen McCall, Philip Timms, Harry Winn and the Sechelt Peninsula Times photographer. Some photographs are Union Steamship Company pictures. Many of the photographs are copies from originals in the Vancouver City Archives, Provinicial Archives and the Vancouver Public Library Collection.

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1904 -- Wharf, Trail Bay Beach and S. S. Newera

First known photograph of Sechelt wharf, S.S. Newera in the bay.

Buildings left to right; Herbert Whitaker's first hotel, 1899-1914, prior to addition; second store with two storeys (was also first school and telegraph office); first post office (also first store); boat house near approach to wharf which had been built prior to 1904. Our Lady of the Rosary Church, 1890-1906, on the Sechelt Indian Band reserve and cemetery, dedicated in 1873.

Photographer Philip T. Timms wrote on the original print: `This shore-line is made up of a glacial moraine. As the glacier melted back into Porpoise Bay the residue was left -some years ago I was walking past the hotel and noticed a fir tree (perhaps 2-3 hundred years old) growing on the gravelly beach - how long since the glaciers were there is difficult to say'. Philip Timms 1904. He was in Sechelt to photograph the opening of the Indian school, June 29, 1904.

Photograph by Philip T. Timms courtesy Whitaker family and Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives. See also oversize photograph 6.15.99


1912 -- A Union Steamship vessel docked at Sechelt wharf.

Note donkey engine, to drive piles, gangway and Richmond Dairy (R. D.) ice cream containers on dock. Man in braces on right holds a freight moving cart. People on the wharf are grouped round the railings protecting the freight chute on west side of wharf. Boxes of groceries etc. were slid into and out of the vessel's hold via this chute, later there was a chute on the east side of the wharf.

Photographer unknown. Image 527 courtesy Royal B.C. Museum, B.C.


1912 -- Herbert Whitaker's wharf in front of Whitaker Family's Beach House.

Rental cottage left of wharf, corner of Whitaker's Beach House on right. Herbert and Mae Whitaker's children on the beach are Kenneth (1909-1954) and Isobel (Mrs. Del Gilbert) 1910-1976.

Photograph courtesy the Whitaker family. See also oversize photograph 6.15.101


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