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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.3
    1920s, 1930s
    Wharf 1904-1982

Series 6.3-- General, Panoramic Views of Sechelt's Waterfront and Wharf (1930s-1980s)

The photographs in the series show Sechelt's beach, waterfront area, wharf and buldings from 1900 to 1983 both from land and water. The area covered stretches from the rocky area to the west of the gravel beach to the Selma Park waterfront. The photographers include Charles Bradbury, Edric S. Clayton, Alan Gibbons, Helen McCall, Philip Timms, Harry Winn and the Sechelt Peninsula Times photographer. Some photographs are Union Steamship Company pictures. Many of the photographs are copies from originals in the Vancouver City Archives, Provinicial Archives and the Vancouver Public Library Collection.

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c1930 -- Trail Bay -- Sechelt

View from Selma Park towards Trail Bay including USS Company dance pavilion.

Photograph by Charles Bradbury. Image B-448 courtesy of Royal B.C. Museum, B.C. Archives



c1930s -- View of Sechelt from Union Steam Ship.

Buildings left to right: general store, second hotel (destroyed by fire 1936), wharf, brick Indian school, Indian homes, First Lady of Lourdes Church.

Photograph/post card may be by W.W. Winn.



Bald-headed man in left foreground is Jack Mayne, man leaning on right hand truck may be William A. Youngson. Buildings in background are left to right:

1) Union Steamship Co. dance pavilion on `Boulevard,'

2) Three totem poles with Herbert Whitaker's `Red Cottage' on Cowrie Street between second and third poles,

3) Whitaker's second store built c 1899, joined in 1934 to fourth store and serving as Union butcher shop.

4) Herbert Whitaker's fourth store , built c1915/1916, and in 1934 known as the Union SS Company's `General Store.'

5) Porpoise Bay Road later known as Wharf Road between `General Store' and second Sechelt Hotel.

6) Second `Sechelt Hotel' built by Herbert Whitaker as his third store with annex to first hotel above store which burned down in 1914.

7) Rental boats in front of hotel.

Photographer unknown.


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