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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.3
    1920s, 1930s
    Wharf 1904-1982

Series 6.3-- General, Panoramic Views of Sechelt's Waterfront and Wharf (1920s, 1930s)

The photographs in the series show Sechelt's beach, waterfront area, wharf and buldings from 1900 to 1983 both from land and water. The area covered stretches from the rocky area to the west of the gravel beach to the Selma Park waterfront. The photographers include Charles Bradbury, Edric S. Clayton, Alan Gibbons, Helen McCall, Philip Timms, Harry Winn and the Sechelt Peninsula Times photographer. Some photographs are Union Steamship Company pictures. Many of the photographs are copies from originals in the Vancouver City Archives, Provinicial Archives and the Vancouver Public Library Collection.

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1927 -- Bath House and Dance Pavilion on Trail Bay Beach

Original postcard reads `Hudson's Bay Picnic, 3rd. August 1927'. Dance pavilion before additions, it was destroyed by fire in 1971 after being converted into a movie theatre, salal packing plant, residential suites, stores and doctor's office. Bath house and coffee bar, later various restaurants. Cottage #1 Bert Whitaker's first revenue cottage famous for fire which killed an occupant about 1920-1921. Far left a rental cottage.

Photographer unknown. See also oversize 6.15.9.


1926-1935 -- Sechelt Waterfront - second hotel, fourth store, wharf, beach area and diving raft.

Photographer unknown. See also oversize 6.15.20


c1926-1929 (doubtful date) -- Sechelt Waterfront Buildings

Left to right; Cottage #7 (Kwicherkicken) built by Herbert Whitaker as a revenue cottage. Beach House, Whitaker summer home, built 1905/1906, later Sechelt Inn destroyed by fires 1963 and 1964.

Cottage #5 built by A. Tebb for the Union Estates, occupied by Bert and Marjorie Hackett.

Cottage #4 also built by A. Tebb for Union Estates could have been occupied by Mr.and Mrs. Crawford, he was a shipping man.

Cottage #3 built by A. Tebb for Union Estates and occupied by Yellowlees.

Cottage #2 built by Herbert Whitaker and occupied by Bromley a forester and Katie Grant, destroyed by fire on June 27, 1945 when Mrs. A. Bone, her daughter and baby grand-daughter lived in it (Coast News Vol.1 No.1, July 11, 1945.)

Cottage #1 built for Herbert Whitaker c1900, burned, not destroyed, but Mrs. Morse died in fire c1920-1921. Used by Marpole family and by Joyce Frampton's family.

Photograph by Helen McCall, postcard #553 courtesy Sechelt Community Archives


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