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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.3
    1920s, 1930s
    Wharf 1904-1982

Series 6.3-- General, Panoramic Views of Sechelt's Waterfront and Wharf (1901-1915) (Page 3)

The photographs in the series show Sechelt's beach, waterfront area, wharf and buldings from 1900 to 1983 both from land and water. The area covered stretches from the rocky area to the west of the gravel beach to the Selma Park waterfront. The photographers include Charles Bradbury, Edric S. Clayton, Alan Gibbons, Helen McCall, Philip Timms, Harry Winn and the Sechelt Peninsula Times photographer. Some photographs are Union Steamship Company pictures. Many of the photographs are copies from originals in the Vancouver City Archives, Provinicial Archives and the Vancouver Public Library Collection.

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early 1900s -- Tourists arriving in Trail Bay.


circa 1906-1913 -- Three-storied building, left of centre, with sign over front door "Post Office" was built in 1906 with store and post office on ground floor and hotel annex on upper floors. Later the entire building was used as the second hotel. It burned in 1936. Farm buildings on left; note barn has three vents on the roof. Boathouse unpainted with double doorway on beach. First Indian Residential School situated on hill with rare view of auxiliary building northwest behind the school, which was destroyed by fire, May 1917. See Department of Indian Affairs 1913 report for dimensions of school wing, laundry-workshop, stable and chicken house. Although it does not appear in this photo, there is another photo extant of this store-post office (third store) building with a large sign under the row of three windows in front reading "General Store."

Photographer unknown


1913 -- Trail Bay waterfront and Robert Straight Camp. Robert Straight, father of Sun columnist Lee Straight, was an ardent fisherman, a Vancouver school teacher who devised the Junior High School system and later a senior school inspector. Son Lee was a friend of Jim Steele (Helen Dawe's brother-in-law). The camp is at the west end of the Boulevard near Ocean Avenue. In 1913 Ada Dawe walked this trail from her father's house on Lot 7, Block 1, DL 1331 to the store and post office then located on the east side of Wharf Road next to the Reserve. She called the route 'Ye Trail of Lantern and Milk Pail.'

Photographer unknown


1907-1919 -- Panorama of buildings on Trail Bay including Green Cottage, Beach House, store, hotel, Indian homes, first Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church with band stand in front. S.S. Comox at Sechelt wharf indicates a date of 1919 or earlier but after 1907 when church was dedicated. S.S. Comox lies at Sechelt wharf and sailed under Union SS Company between 1891 and 1919. Postcard belonged to Tom Pinder and Christmas Card copy was donated by Dolly Jonas (nee Cannon) of Qualicum Beach (in 1974). She had a hairdressing business in Selma Park and is the daughter of Thomas Cannon, shoemaker, in Sechelt Directory 1937-1939, and wife Annie Cannon. The card was given to Dolly by Fred Frewin (Sechelt Directory 1937-1945 she thought.

Photograph #181 by Charles Bradbury, who was Sechelt's first telegraph operator, 1913-1914.


prior to 1914 -- Buildings along the Boulevard between Inlet Avenue and Reserve.

1. First Sechelt Hotel, opened July 1, 1899 and expanded on west side to make about 40 rooms, owned by Bert Whitaker. Note vines growing up over balcony of original portion, steps down to beach, flagpoles. Sold to Canadian-European Investment Corp. Ltd. in December 1913 and destroyed by fire June 1, 1914.

2. Herbert Whitaker's second store on Trail Bay (1899). Later Sechelt's first school (1912) and first telegraph office (1913). Demolished 1965

3. Wharf at terminus of Wharf Avenue

4. Herbert Whitaker's third store and post office, with annex to first hotel on upper floors. It was converted into second hotel after 1914 fire, it burned down in 1936 when owned by Union Estates.

5. Boat house on shore line, east of wharf.

Photographer unknown



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