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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.3
    1920s, 1930s
    Wharf 1904-1982

Series 6.3-- General, Panoramic Views of Sechelt's Waterfront and Wharf (1901-1915) (Page 2)

The photographs in the series show Sechelt's beach, waterfront area, wharf and buldings from 1900 to 1983 both from land and water. The area covered stretches from the rocky area to the west of the gravel beach to the Selma Park waterfront. The photographers include Charles Bradbury, Edric S. Clayton, Alan Gibbons, Helen McCall, Philip Timms, Harry Winn and the Sechelt Peninsula Times photographer. Some photographs are Union Steamship Company pictures. Many of the photographs are copies from originals in the Vancouver City Archives, Provinicial Archives and the Vancouver Public Library Collection.

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1904 -- Rear view of commercial center of Sechelt on waterfront and Wharf Avenue.

1. Water Tower: compare with later photos of 'Pump House'

2. First Sechelt Hotel on the Boulevard between Wharf Ave. and Inlet Ave. opened July 1, 1899. Photographed prior to large wing added to west end. Do not confuse this addition (built about 1910) with the hotel Annex located on the two upper floors of the third store and post office, built in 1906.

3. Second store and post office with outside stairs to upper floor rear. Building in existence in 1902, perhaps earlier when hotel was constructed. Became first school in 1912 and first telegraph office in 1913. Superseded as store when third store was built in 1906. Upper floor used as bunk house.

4. First store and post office. Bert Whitaker appointed as post master March1, 1896.

5. First barn, made of rough shakes, was situated on the Boulevard east of Wharf Road. Cecile August says it was also the first bank? Barn door on west wall, faced the old trail or road to Porpoise Bay from Trail Bay. Fence extended from southeast corner of barn along the Boulevard.

6. Unidentified building on Whitaker farm, which was enclosed by fences running along east side of Wharf Road, west side of Indian reserve and south side of approximately what was laid out later as Dolphin Street.

Photograph by Philip T. Timms. See oversize 6.15.6.


1904 -- Panorama of Trail Bay. Cottage #1 in existence in 1904, first hotel opened 1899, second store, first store, barn and fence. Our Lady of the Rosary Church opened 1890, Indian Residential School opened in 1904.

Photograph by Philip T. Timms


1904 -- Trail Bay, the opening of St Augustine's School, June 29, 1904. Three vessels: Yacht near Trail Island; S.S. ? lying in stream with her bow just right of "Rock Cottage;" vessel at wharf in front of store and hotel; also scow in front of reserve.

Photograph by Philip T. Timms


1904 -- Trail Bay: portion of panorama made at time of R.C. celebrations. Because S.S. Newera had no mast, this is probably not her, except that a Vancouver City Archives photo identifies the same vessel as Newera.

Photograph by Philip T. Timms.


circa 1906-1910 -- Bert Whitaker's two-wheeled cart (horse-drawn) on the beach where it has transported luggage to be ferried in a small boat out to the Union Steamship Company's steamer "Comox" lying in Trail Bay. Before a wharf was built at Sechelt, Pete Levesque, an employee of Bert Whitaker's, met disembarking passengers/hotel guests, (hotel opened in 1899) and transported their luggage to the hotel. It is said the cart was also used as a hearse. Bert Whitaker with back to camera holds the reins in his left hand. See another photo taken on the same day showing this trunk and about 18 people in the boat as Bert Whitaker pushes it off the beach. See also Isobel Bell-Irving Sweeney's account of the cart and hotel. Date of photo may be circa 1906-1910 judging by a picture of Muriel Whitaker in the cart after she returned from California.

Photograph courtesy the Haslett Family.



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