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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.7




Series 6.7 -- Individuals and Groups, Sechelt and District -- K-L, Page 1

Photographs consist of pioneer families, individuals, groups, Mayors and Councillors, members of town service industries of Sechelt listed in alphabetical order. Photographers include Edric Clayton, Charles Bradbury, Helen McCall.

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1925, circa 1935-1940 -- Robert. Kean, junior, a road foreman who ran the Wood Bay relief camp and was a school trustee at Sechelt. With him are Bill Greig or Gregg, a bricklayer (1925) and boatman (1930) and I. S. Grant forest ranger

Photographer unknown.


1925, circa 1935-1940 -- Alex Kean (right) who worked at Doriston for Bert Whitaker, helped construct the second Sechelt Indian Band school, drove a truck for Union Estates and moved to Vancouver during WW11. Leslie W. Tyler (left) also drove a truck for Union Estates, his family lived at one time in what was once the Sechelt School on Porpoise Bay Road. They are in a small boat in Porpoise Bay.

Photographer unknown.


1925, circa 1935-1940 -- Robert Kean senior and wife Martha

Photographer unknown. See also oversize photograph 6.15.124


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