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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.6

    Cemetery, churches
    School buildings
    Totem poles
    Village views

Series 6.6-- First Nations of Sechelt -- People, Page 1

Photographs include the Sechelt 'Stone Image' (a seated figure bowl), brass bands, canoes, cemetery, the three churches and passion plays, identified individuals and groups, the residential school, pupils and nuns, totem poles and various village scenes. Photographers include Charles Bradbury, Phillip Timms, Helen McCall, Edric Clayton.

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circa 1913 -- Two very old members of the Sechelt First Nation

Photographer unknown


circa 1930 -- Agnes Charlie, a basket weaver and great-grandmother of Jaimie Dixon, died in 1942.

Photograph # 561 by Helen McCall, courtesy the Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives


1964 -- Chief Alfred August holds a skull and bones found during sewage excavations on the Sechelt Reserve. The bones could be of a victim of a mid-18th century smallpox epidemic or of tribal fighting.

Photograph courtesy the Peninsula Times newspaper and the Alsgard family


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