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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.4
Chapman Creek-Grantham's Landing (1890-1983)
   Halfmoon Bay-Pender Harbour (1928-1970)
    Porpoise Bay (1898-1921)
    Porpoise Bay (1920-1982)
    Redrooffs, Roberts Creek (1914-1982)
    Selma Park (1911-1971)
    Skookumchuck, Wilson Creek (1911-1971)


Series 6.4, General, Panoramic Views, Porpoise Bay (1898-1921), Page 1

From Grantham's Landing to Princess Louisa Inlet, views and people of the Sunshine Coast from the 1890s to 1983. Photographers include Charles Bradbury, Florence Cliff, Jean Cook, Leighton P. Harrison, Gordon Reeves, Gladys Tidy, Tom Booker of 'The Press' and the Sechelt Peninsula Times photographer.

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c1904 -- Porpoise Bay, head of Sechelt Inlet

The first Porpoise Bay wharf, in the centre of the picture, was built by Herbert Whitaker 1903/1904. It ran parallel to the rock bluff on the west side of D.L. 304 and did not jut straight out into the bay. The building on the left on Whitaker's property, Yamamoto Boat Works, was used by Japanese fishermen to repair their boats and nets. About Easter 1913 to the end of 1914 the building was used as Sechelt's second school. At high tide the water came up below the floor of the school. Mr. W. H. Mills bought the structure for lumber sometime after 1915. This busy harbour shelters an Indian dug out, a steamer with funnel in shore on the right and seven boats with masts for sails etc. The Yamamoto Boat Works built in 1908 a boat with an engine for Sechelt band members Basil Joe and his brother Philip Joe.

Could this be a Philip Timms photograph taken when he came to photograph the opening of the first Indian School?

Photograph courtesy T. J. Cook. See also oversize 6.15.60

1898 -- Seated on the left on the log is Mrs. Sarah Belle Cook, standing on the log is Bob Partridge who owned a bookstore on Granville Street in Vancouver and may have worked at Vancouver City Hall, Ada Cook aged four and a half is on his shoulders. Bob's mother Mrs. Partridge, with parasol, is seated on the right, she lived on Prior Street in Vancouver, east of Westminster Avenue

Photographer unknown


1910 -- Porpoise Bay beach

Man, boy and girl, behind, on the beach at Porpoise Bay in July, 1910 with two wheel barrows. Note several Indian dug out canoes on the beach.

Photograph courtesy of Julia Pearson, wife of Dr. Pearson. The Pearson family donated a Bishop's chair to St. Hilda's Church, Sechelt in memory of Julia Pearson. See also oversize 6.15.61


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