1906 -- Buildings on the Boulevard between Inlet Ave. and Indian Reserve owned by Bert Whitaker and photographed almost certainly in 1906. Very significant in showing where early structures stood in relation to each other. Left to right:

1. First hotel, opened in 1899, and prior to addition of large wing on west side, fenced to keep out sheep. Bulwark along beach.

2. Second store and post office in existence in 1902 or earlier. Became first school in 1912 and first telegraph office in 1913. Later joined to fourth store and post office.

3. First store and post office. Main portion and its lean-to on west side made of shingles, but its lean-to on east side made of milled boards.

4. First barn, constructed of shakes, and with barn doors opened on to trail to Porpoise Bay. Fence from barn along Boulevard to Reserve has been removed to make space for 1906 store.

5. Third store and post office, built in 1906, with two floors of hotel annex above. Converted into second hotel after first burned, in 1914; then burned itself in 1936.

Photograph by Icke and Schenk, Vancouver, B.C., photograph courtesy Rowena Haslett. See also 6.5.89 and oversize 6.15.28.