1904 -- First Sechelt Hotel. Note Sechelt flag on right, prior to addition of west wing. Second store seen immediately east of hotel, in1904 first store and post office building was still standing on east side of second store. Fence built to keep sheep and cattle out. Original print donated by L. S. Jackson to Vancouver City Archives.

Major Matthews annotated Vancouver City Archives copy erroneously by a) dating the hotel from 1895 rather than 1899, b) stating "when a larger general store was built the building on right edge became the first school." Actually a new store was built in 1906 and school did not open until October 1912.

Photograph titled: "Approach to Wharf under Construction." Penciled on back of original: "The new hotel and part of general store at Sechelt, B.C. 1904. Philip Timms." Rubber stamp on original print: "Philip T. Timms, photographer, 1842 Charles Street, Vancouver, Canada." Photograph/negative by Philip Timms, courtesy Vancouver City Archives.