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Helen Dawe Collection

Series 6.14
   Cook Family, 18!!-1911

Cook Family, 1889-1898
Cook Family, 1900s-1920s
    Cook Family, 1912-1944
Dawe Family, 19!!-1983
    Dawe Family, 1917-1983
    Dawe Family, 'Chicken Dinner,' 1913
    Steele, Whittaker Families, 1934-1983

Series 6.14 -- Cook, Dawe, Steele, Whittaker Families -- Cook Family, 1900s-1920s, Page 1

A pictorial record of Sechelt pioneers Thomas J. and Sarah Cook and their descendants the Dawe, Steele and Whittaker families in Vancouver, Bowen Island and Sechelt.

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1898 -- The Sechelt beach in front of the Cook residences; the first two log houses were built above the furthest away rocks and houses three and four were built in shore from the rocks in the fore ground.

Photograph by Thomas John Cook


1979 -- Beach in front of Cook house looking west

Photographer unknown


circa 1912 -- Cook family homes number three and four

Photographer unknown


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